Howl -- owie.

Analyse this.

Live. Love. Drink diet coke.

Friends Only
Howl -- owie.

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Hi, could you add me please? I remember having read some of your fics and I would like to do it again. Thanks!

Hi, I found recs for one of your fic on tomomichi's journal. Would you be willing to add me as a friend?

Thanks in advance

hey whats up...
i dont know if your write Ken/Shuu
but i see you have a good banter going on with gypsiegirl420 and xglimpsex and was wondering if you could all me so i can read your fiction, even if its old

thank you.

Hello. Do you mind adding me? I remember reading your Saiunkoku fics a long time ago and would love to read them again.

Hi! I read some go your saiunkoku fanfics and I really loved them! I noticed that most of them are friends only. IS it possible for you to add me as a friend? I really, really love your work! Thanks

Hello. Someone recommended your writing to me. May I be added to your friends list please?

Hi! I was wondering if you could add me as a friend? I love reading your fics. :)

Thanks in advance.

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